Summertime’s Here Babe, Need Sumpin’ To Keep You Cool!

Let’s play!  Besides making a racket in some of our long-time favorite places, I’m booking some cool new summertime venues, and can’t wait to see you guys out!

Beef O’Brady’s on the corner of Ring Road and North Miles in E’town is a great beef-obradyssports-themed hangout, best known for it’s chicken wings, steak burgers, and of course, good cold beverages to quell your summertime thirst!  Family-friendly, and a pretty cool atmosphere . . . especially with good live music kickin’ in!  I’ll be there Saturday, June 8th from 9:00 p.m. to midnight, and can’t wait to get into this place and have some fun with my friends!  Y’all come out, enjoy good grub and good friends, and let’s show these folks that, for a great sports pub like Beef’s, having live music is worth the time and effort!

And what’s more summerish than ice cream?  And not just any ice cream, but premier gourmet ice cream acomfycownd desserts at The Comfy Cow!  The atmosphere in this place is awesome, and the desserts even awesomer!  Located in the eclectic, artsy, and just a little bit funky Frankfort Avenue area in Louisville (near Clifton), this family-friendly place is ALL THAT!  A locally-owned franchise, supporting local arts and culture, I promise you’ll have a smile on your face at this place!  I’m booked there Saturday, June 22nd and Saturday, August 17th from 7-10pm, and am soooo lookin’ forward to playing here!  Come hang out with me at The Comfy Cow, and enjoy summer with some live acoustic music!

Check out my Schedule page for more info and directions to both these cool venues!  Ain’t no party like a summertime party, y’all!